Training Classes

Learn more about upcoming training sessions, networking opportunities, and outreach Training Classes hosted by Connect2DOT and our industry partners. Class-calendar

If you’d like to learn more about using the B2GNow system, please scroll down for system trainings. Please be aware that these are software trainings and are not specific to CDOT procedures.

You may also email with questions about Training Classes.

Training Classes
Class Class Date Status View
Contract Compliance Reporting - Vendor Training12/9/2021Open
109 space(s) left
PLEASE NOTE START TIME CHANGE! Introduction to the System - Vendor training12/10/2021Open
122 space(s) left
PLEASE NOTE START TIME CHANGE - Online Certification Application - Vendor Training12/10/2021Open
132 space(s) left
Utilization Plan - Vendor training12/13/2021Open
79 space(s) left
Vendor Registration / Questionnaire / Application / Prequalification - Vendor Training12/13/2021Open
67 space(s) left
Contract Compliance Reporting - Vendor Training12/14/2021Open
178 space(s) left
Online Certification Application - Vendor Training12/16/2021Open
153 space(s) left
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